Woman On-Board !

Sadly, woman in a Driver’s Seat (Literally) is perceived as a suicide bomber ready to pull the pin at any unpredictable moment. Whether you ride a two wheeler or you drive any of those SUV’s how many of you face a disgusting look from those men who consider roads as their field and love to see women only on their left or probably using the front mirror to apply her lipstick? And when you are just about to scratch your car because a rowdy teenager just gives you a cut so close to miss a breath.You stop your car to avoid a collide to save the two wheeler all you get are sarcastic smiles, disgusting gestures and honks so loud to scare you. And not to forget ladies a few of them would definitely overtake you just to give you that look which say “Hey there.. you are a woman and you cant drive.” !!

What made me write this blog is a short Bengaluru -Pune flight. I hate the take offs and landings as any one of you there and to spill a bean I even hold the chair arm rests so tight to counteract the reactions in my stomach. Apparently this was the smoothest flight so far and the on and off from the run way were too smooth to believe. I thought if I get a little glimpse of the captain of the flight I would definitely thank “him” for a smooth flight. Now look at the way we Women have been trained that we imagine a good ride as a male driving product.. naturally.Well hang on I wasn’t right , this time it was lady. How I wish I could remember her name and follow her on some social site!. Why are women so underrated as drivers.. here is my take.

Societal drift : In India I grew as a child where my mom used to rest her hand on my dad’s shoulder while he rode our Bajaj Scooter for 12 years. How much pride a man gets when his lady sits behind him where her hand also signifies the fact that “Yes I am dependent on you”. As against now where women drive those Enfields and HD’s to the highest motor-able roads and they look so super good. A little difficult to digest isn’t it? The dependency has gone! Assaults on ego’s are too hard to take.Times have changed, so should our perceptions guys. Please get habituated for some more jazzy looking women drivers.

The Feminine Side: As Women patience and modesty comes naturally to us and we exhibit the same on roads. We don’t pop our heads off the window to abuse someone.We don’t want to run the car on the fifth gear just because we see a 30 or so meter patch empty ahead of us. We would like to go slow and steady, but beware there are these Schumachers behind you who feel you are insane to go with that speed and what an achievement if they overtake you “Applaud”. And yes he wouldn’t miss to give you that look! And mind well guys we would not like to give you way just because you want to ride at a high speed on a congested road. And I really don’t care about that look.

Chivalry Are you there ?? Our society thinks a chivalrist by default is a gentleman. Too Judgmental tough..Where does the chivalry go when men see’s a female driver trying to cross a road on a high traffic zone and she struggles to reach the other side. The moment they see its a female driver instead of just slowing down and letting her go they would use all the power to stand on the accelerator just to make sure you don’t get a chance at all. I have seen so many times where I am in a line of cars going across and just when they are able to see you are a female they start from their end too. Get some heart dude! If you can vacate a chair for her why cant you let her go on the road ?

Female as Jugglers: A man leaves office at around 8pm just to reach home, get some shower read the newspaper or watch some news, eat and off to bed (exceptions are welcomed here)!! As against a woman who leaves office round about the same time and what does she have lined up? Pick up the baby from day care, pick some grocery on the way (not to forget the quest for parking at each time.), go home cook, look at the kids homework, get things up for the next day, serve, eat ,clean keep everything ready. Just imagine the temperament with which she drives, not to justify any incidences of mis drivings but to know the turmoil in her mind and heart.

Brotherhood: One women goes wrong on the road and there are so many men who join in, why not they are brothers man. And where is our sisterhood fading out ? Next time you see a girl quarreling with some one or stuck please stop by and let her know she need not freak out , Lady is a personified virtue of strength.This isn’t a gender battle its more about  transitioning change.

There are king’s on the roads and prince too.. Let there be a queen whose given a judgment on her driving skills and not on her gender. Driving skills are not gender based and hence should not be gender biased. You want to rate a driver please first see if there is a “L” on the rear, if the car is too old to be raised, if there are other people who are trying to push you, if there is traffic, if there are these High dipper driver from the other sides,if the right signals were given, if the roads are in a good condition and if she applies urgent brakes at least try to see why she did that and what you need not see is, whether the driver’s seat is filled by a male or female. You need not see that to make a judgement. Equality doesn’t come from reservations it comes from your thoughts.

Don’t consider us Equal, treat us equally. I’d feel equal one day when a guy lets me take the lead with my queen ,with a smile.  Queen ? My New car :):)

Happy Driving Ladies!!


2 thoughts on “Woman On-Board !

  1. Rupali, ever tried giving a look back to the guy who did a mistake on the road? if you ever get a chance don’t miss it(depending on your skills and situation :P). Women have equal rights to give angry looks being on the driver seat. this shall give you more confidence on the road while you are driving probably.. Nicely written 🙂

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