Nullcon 2016, is a premiere security conference held each year in India. Training’s, booths, networking parties, awards, talks, hacking challenges and a lot more makes this conference. What attracts me the most is the creative badges at Nullcon, so well thought and made they totally stand out as a USP to the conference.

Red Hat, has been getting a chance to be  the badge sponsors to Nullcon for consecutive 3 years now. Nullcon organizers are creative in making the badges and the effort is well appreciated when the the security enthusiasts are fond to see the first thing they hit

IMG_20160312_132103.jpgthe conference and are curious to the know the Badge for the year.

With the preceding years badges made on a floppy drive and with Red Hat being the sponsor and being informed about the badge making process , the first thing Red Hat wanted to know is to see the badge come up so well to beat the precedence set by the previous year.

This year Nullcon badge was a hardware badge made in the shape of a bug with some soldered LED ‘s that lit with the batteries, it has Red Hat branding done on the top of the badge and looked something like this —>

This years anticipated turnout was of 800 delegates and they merrily carried the glittering badges around and took them back as a memory !

It was a sense of pride to feel the happiness People has with the badges. The badges were accurate timely made with other details of the attendee and the QR Code.

Red hat also had a booth at the conference and was a genuine effort by the Red Hatters to open a dialogue with the visitors on the emerging technologies by Red Hat like Openshift, OpenStack and Red Hat cloudforms and the security aspects. Prasad Mukhedkar from the emerging technologies team in Red Hat pune did an exceptional job here by taking questions from people on the emerging technologies for people wanted to know even more he went ahead and did a small session on cloud forms security at the booth itself. It was so interesting that people came back again after they came to know from their friends about the session. We drew this idea from the “poster sessions” at PyCon India just that we used more live forms like an LED to demonstrate in detail.IMG_20160312_130835.jpg

Since the conference has more ethical hackers and information security people we thought we should create a gimmick at the booth to draw people’s attention to the product security general knowledge and recent happening around it which made news.. So we had our product security guy, Prasad Pandit who designed a small quiz and we ran the quiz at the booth to distribute some cool swags for people who got it right. It was a great time people literally scratching heads and raising hands to answer, the result was in no time we had interested folks turning up at the booth to take the quiz. What we saw were some contented faces at the booth after they won the goodies.


It was interesting point to note that people came to Red Hat’s booth just to say that I am your customer and you guys are doing a great job. There were students inquiring about some internship openings. There also were some security architects who wanted to know more about the product security and hence left their contacts with us. This is precisely what makes you feel so passionate about the place you work for !

Prasad Pandit also spoke about the Fedora Spin available for security as the ready tool for people who use Fedora or had interest to use them so we had some Fedora 23 DVD’s at the booth given out to people.


There were some interesting sponsors with booth presence like Synack, Checkrmax ( scan un-compiled code), Sans (information security training & certification) Superhero ( for middleware security).

A lot of people just turned up to say hey hi what product are you here to talk about and we smiled and said “Emerging technologies”




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